JavaScript Final Project Showcase

My e-portfolio for three projects

I’ve been taking the Coursera course Programming and the Web for Beginners by Duke University. It’s the 1st course for the Java Programming: An Introduction to Software specialization.

I just finished this course and here is my e-portfolio (Yay!):

It consists of three projects: Create, modify and hide images.

You’ll automatically see the results of webpages within the post, but you can also click on the HTML tab above each webpage to view the HTML codes I wrote.

I enjoyed doing the projects, and I did several versions for creating and modifying images. Then I wrote HTML to create three webpages showing the three projects. I like it that we can use <pre></pre> to show the codes in a coding-environment-ish format. Finally, I found it very convenient to put several webpages together in the blog post on the CODEPEN platform.

More examples by peers

During the peer view, I found some nice work done by peers:

Image storage websites: choose carefully

For image storage websites, here’s my advice: Don’t use imgur or flickr. CODEPEN doesn’t support imgur, and thus images using imgur cannot be displayed. Flickr looked like a good tool at first, but I couldn’t upload several images for some reason, so I gave up using it. Instead, I used postimage and photobucket:

They are both free and convenient to use. After several images, however, postimage wouldn’t give me direct link to my image, but a link to my image plus their ads below the image. I guess that’s something with the free version. I guess you can pay to get rid of that. I don’t know. As a result, I used photobucket to upload that image.

Hey if you are a classmate from this course, I highly recommend that you read the discussion forum for more information about this. Several important announcements are pinned on the top.

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