Tableau Learning Resources (Online)

Online videos

I completed two Tableau training courses from (Click to open):

Tableau 9 Essential Training

Creating Interactive Dashboards in Tableau provides a 10-day free trial.


Before that, I was taking a course from Coursera:

Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau

I haven’t finished it (I was somewhere in Week 2). I would compare these two (Lynda vs Coursera) from what I have experienced:

The Lynda courses are very detailed, so even those who are not familiar with computer can follow the videos quite easily, I guess.

The Coursera course, on the other hand, is more comprehensive. It offers more opportunities for you to practice what you just learnt as well, with assignments and all.


In addition, Tableau itself offers free training videos, which I will take a look at in the future.



P.S. When I have questions, I basically do my research using:

  1. Tableau help:
  2. Tableau community support:
  3. Google.
  4. Youtube.


Learn from Others

OK now what’s the best part? Definitely the large amount of works that are available online!

From Tableau Public website, you can view others’ works. I’ve subscribed to “viz of the day”.

And the best thing is, you can even download their workbooks for free. So you can work backwards to see which skills they used to make it happen.

So many inspirations, in function or design. Just great.


Add: Tableau Conference Speakers (videos)

tc14 post conference materials

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