Ways to share/show Tableau Workbook

After you’ve made your visualization with Tableau, here comes the day when you need to share it with clients, or do a presentation in front of 50 audience, or email it to colleagues. How to do that? There are several options:

  1. Tell your clients/colleagues to download Tableau Reader for free so they can access your workbook (and they are able to interact with it, but not able to edit). Note that only Tableau Packaged Workbooks (*.twbx) can be accessed, so it’s a necessary step to save your workbook as a *.twbx file. It’s obviously not very convenient though. So read on.
  2. If your organization uses Tableau Server, then you can share the workbook using Tableau Server. Click to see how to publish to server. P.S. It costs money.
  3. Or you can use Tableau Online. So you can make a presentation wherever you go, with any computer that has Internet connection. P.S. It costs money.
  4. If you don’t intend to spend money on this, then the best choice for you may be Tableau Public. Click to view video instructions.If you are using a desktop version of Tableau like me, you can easily export your workbook to Tableau Public by clicking Server menu – Tableau Public – Save to Tableau Public. But be aware of the privacy issues when you do this, especially when your workbook includes sensitive client data.
  • Must read:

Privacy policy

Data policy

Q: When I hide the tableau workbook after it is published on the server, does this mean the public cannot access it?

Answer from Diego Medrano: The public will still be able to search for the workbook and view the workbook with the link, however, the viz will not appear on your public profile. You are still welcome to disable downloading the workbook.




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