Java Tips for Beginners (3): i++,print, loop, format,convert

Idioms for single-operand operations

The idiom i++ is a shorthand notation for i = i + 1. (Source: textbook: )

Question: Any difference between i++ and ++i?

Answer: When they are used in the loops, they are the same.

But when used outside the loops, they behave differently: “i++ return the original value of i and then increase it by 1; ++i increases i by 1 and then returns the new value.” (Source: Youtube video:

Another explanation in text:

Two ways to print output

System.out.print() // does not skip to a new line

System.out.println()//skip to a new line

Create a large string

Using “\n” in a String causes a line break. For example,

String s = "one" + "\n" + "two";

prints out to:


While & For loop


(Source: Washington University in St. Louis CSE 131 Module 2 PowerPoint, Author: Ron K. Cytron)

How to format the spacing

Press “Ctrl+A” to select the whole file and then press “Ctril + I ”

Convert to double

add “1.0*” to convert data type from int to double


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