More Tableau Tips (Keep Updating)

Show grand totals:

Analysis – totals

More details: Show grand totals

Change charts in dashboard:

If you hope to change from one chart to another by filter in a dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. create a parameter, display it on both sheets, and enter different texts for two sheets.
  2. create a calculated field, add it to both sheets as filters (drag to the filter card).
  3. add one sheet to dashboard, add parameter on the dashboard.
  4. click on another option under the parameter (it will be blank), and add another sheet to dashboard.

Create sheet selector (bar/map/line…)

Edit Alias

Super useful! I wanted to change filter gender’s aliases from “1.F””2.M” to “Female””Male”.

Just find the gender variable under dimension and right click, choose “Aliases”, and edit.


You can also put two variables to “rows” and click the down arrow of one variable, select “create primary group”, so it will take the values of the other variable to be its aliases.


Zoom in on an axis

How to Allow a User to Zoom in on an Axis


Calculated field

Create a calculated field:

Beside “Dimensions”, click the dropdown menu – create calculated field – enter the formula

Then drag that pill into the data area.


Create a custom field using a formula:

Double click the blank space under Marks – enter the formula – Enter

Then drag that pill into the data area. You can see the values have been added


Adding {} will allow calculations between non-aggregated and aggregated data. E.g.:



Presentation Mode

It’s on the right side of the menu.

Presentation  Mode (F7)


Map layers

Under Map menu


Conditional Formatting


Add new data source

Suppose you have an existing dashboard and you want to add a new dataset & merge it with the current dataset. Two steps:

  1. Data menu – New data source – choose file
  2. Data – edit relationships – link two datasets with a common id

Problem: Sometimes the id doesn’t show because it’s placed under measure. Fix: Right click the id variable – convert to dimension.

Replace a data source

Suppose you have an existing dashboard and you want to replace the current dataset with a new dataset.You can do:

Data menu – Replace data source.

It’s convenient to do so when you have an updated dataset with the same variable names. Even if you are going to use different variables, you can simply change the variables used in the Tableau worksheets. By this way, you don’t have to redo the dashboard.

Create moving average & upper band & lower band

Waterfall Charts

Useful for showing the negative/positive profit in relation to the grand total.

Bump Charts

compare the ranks

Treemaps, Word Clouds and Bubble Charts

Editing Metadata & Save data source

Create hierarchy: Drag one field (e.g.”sub-category”) onto another field (e.g. “category”), so that you can drill down in the view (showing only the category or both category and sub-category).

Create folders to organize variables: Right click – group by – folder.

Right click a variable – properties

Right click data source under “Data” tab, add to saved data source.

Use and Refresh Extracts



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