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Date Functions

Date Properties

The DATEPARSE function



“DATEPARSE (format, string)

  • Format: The format parameter is combination of symbols that represent the format of your date string. The syntax for these symbols is defined by the International Components for Unicode (ICU) formatting language. A complete list of the symbols can be found on the Formatting Date and Times Overview page on the ICU website. Note: Some formats may not be supported by all connections.
  • String: The string parameter is the date string in your data that you want to convert to a datetime data type.”


The commonly used format table


Tutorials: Timeline

Creating the timeline basics

Formatting dates

Creating Dynamic Fiscal Calendars in Tableau

Formatting Time Durations

Tableau Dates

Highlights from Joshua Milligan‘s article:


“For the most part it doesn’t matter whether a field is in the Dimensions list or the Measures list in the left Data Window.  That’s just the default, but once the fields in the view, you can use the drop down to convert almost any field back and forth between Measure and Dimension and between Discrete and Continuous


“We’ll skip the standard options and merely mention, for now, that Show Missing Values is simply a way of telling Tableau to include missing dates in a visualization so you can see gaps in time where there is no data.”


More info

DATETIME() function


“Tableau’s inbuilt conversion function for converting a string representation of a date and time to a datetime field is DATETIME(). This works fine as long as the precision of the time portion of the field does not go below the second. But if the time component includes fractions of a second, the DATETIME() function returns NULL.”

Date functions


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