Tableau mapping notes (flow map, polygons, radius map)

Advanced Mapping: Points, Paths, Polygons (Tableau Conference Speaker)

A good idea:

Make Longitude & Latitude (measure variables in the dataset, not the auto-generated ones) dimensions (and assign them geographic roles), so as to avoid aggregation.


Paths: 17:30 The speaker used IDs to mark the order of points

21:00 Flow maps: maps that show direction

When you have a path on the map, add measures to the Size Mark can show the changes in quantity. For example, add number of riders to the Size Mark, so the line will be wider in places where there are more riders.


29:00 dual axis+animate: highlight points on the path

Animation: add ID to pages mark, show history – show all, show for both.

This function is amazing for epidemiology study. Because it can help us show the routes of infectious disease transmission over time. I just made one for chlamydia transmission.


36:00 polygons

Here PolygonID means all 1s form a polygon, all 2s form a polygon, etc.

Order means the order to connect the dots within each polygon.

polygon ex

44:00 radius map


Use calculated field:

Distance from Tableau Austin Office:


Distance from austin KPI:


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